Why we need your help

A sanctuary to maintain

In recent years, we have carried out a lot of work in the sanctuary but the maintenance of these places, that saw an “ordinary” family become a holy family, is an ongoing process.

The Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus s who welcome the pilgrims cannot achieve this alone.

That is why we need your financial support.

A reception area and accommodation for pilgrims

Nearly 20,000 people visit the sanctuary each year; we need to provide it with a place for food, drink and shelter to its visitors.

The canonization will increase the number of visitors and the acquisition of a shelter will soon be essential

Exceptional expenses for the canonization of spouses Martin

The canonization of spouses Martin requires funding: such as the arrangement of a chapel in the basilica for future saints, buying a reliquary, making banners and jumpers, as well as expenses due to the canonization herself

Your donations are essential. Thank you in advance for your generosity