The first miracle of Louis and Zélie Martin, the Blessed

Pietro, is the child miraculously cured through the intercession of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin.

“I was born sick, and when I was ill, spouses Martin asked Jesus to heal me and He healed me.” It is how Pietro Schilirò, six years old, explains the miracle of his recovery while he was till a new-born.

Walter and Adele, his parents, gave Pietro to the intercession of the Martin couple, Marie Zélie Guerin (1831-1877) and Louis Martin (1823-1894), parents of St. Therese of the Child Jesus parents.

This miracle led to the beatification of the couple, which took place October 19, 2008, at the Basilica of Lisieux in France, preceded by the opening of the beatification Mass at the Basilica of Notre-Dame of Alencon.

Story of a miracle

Pietro is the latest in a family of five children. He was born in Milan on May 25th 2002. On the first day of his birth, he shows a serious lung malformation, and must remain in hospital and undergo intensive therapy to breathe.

The father says: “We immediately realized that the illness was very serious and that there was no chance of recovery. We were asked to give him a chest X-ray to see what it was. “

A biopsy is unavoidable, but is a great risk for the little boy. So the parents decide to baptize the child immediately. They ask an Italian Carmelite Father Antonio Sangalli, to give the sacrament. The priest offers them a small image of the Martin spouses.

“They had lost four young children, says Adele, Pietro’s mother. So we pray them for help and comfort to go through the situation we were living and to be able to give what the Lord asked us to that point.”

Spouses Schilirò knew little of life Zélie and Louis except from what they read in the writings of St. Therese. Uncertain about the health of the little Pietro, they discovered a “mysterious proximity to the Martin spouses,” says Walter

“That’s when we asked the Lord for what really matters for us: the cure of Pietro. The Lord had placed in our hands the Martin spouses, “recalls Adele.

While looking at their baby connected to so many devices to breathe, Adele and Walter understood that they had to ask God to let them know His will for Pietro.

« It was very important for us, it helped us through what our child was living.».

On June 26, Pietro had a severe respiratory failure crisis. “It was only a matter of hours or days, we were told by doctors. There was no hope left for Pietro, “ said Adele

The family recited several times the novena to the Martin’s. Then on June 29th, which is the day when St. Peter and St. Paul are celebrated, Pietro began to show signs of improvement. Within two weeks, the child could breathe by himself, without oxygen, and doctors were very surprised by this impossible healing. The parents shared this good news with father Antonio and this is when the priest became vice-postulator of the cause for beatification of Louis and Zélie.

We are so grateful. We never hoped to deserve something like this, we feel overwhelmed, “says Adele. Walter adds: “There is no merit of our own, absolutely none. What happened to Pietro reflects on the whole Church. This is so true that we are here today to give the pope the relic, which is a great sign for the whole Church. “

Today Pietro is a normal child: he plays, goes to school and knows that his recovery is due to the miracle through the intercession of the Martin couple.

“Every evening he recites with us, family, prayer for Martin to intercede for people who ask their prayers,” says Adele.

“He also prays for the Pope, all our dear priest friends, and a long list of people, which takes all night,” says Walter.

Pietro’s parents understand very well what it means to trust in Providence. They were anxious for their child health: “I would like to say to parents of sick children: do not to lose hope, come closer to Christ through his saints. Dare to ask for the Lord because he is a Father and he is good. And you must have the strength to believe that everything that happens, happens for our own good.”

“The Lord really requires a lot of us, but if we put our hope in Him and trust him, the Lord will give us much more than we can expect. The first thing to ask is the conversion of the heart. This is the first healing to ask, always.” recommends Adele.