“Thanks to Zélie and Louis for this pilgrimage.  We are celebrating 30 years of marriage, and for us it represents the light of love of a married couple and the family.”

“I owe much to Louis and Zélie Martin, who are an extraordinary couple.  They cured my son of alcoholism some years ago and he has had no recurrence of the problem.  I gave my testimony several times before their beatification, and I continue to pray to them for all my family – for their health, their work, for a closeness that needs renewal and for a return to Faith.”

“St Therese, I am here to entrust my family to yours.  I ask Zélie and Louis to help us to put into practice all the blessings that Providence has given us.  Little sister, we place under your protection our daughter Lucie and especially her three children.  I ask Zélie to pray for my health in accordance with the will of the Father.  Dear family, pray for us.”

“A lovely visit to a house that glows with holiness, peace and the self-denial of Louis and Zélie Martin.”

“Thank you for opening up Therese’s house; may we model our lives on hers and her parents’ so they can help us to grow in the love of God.”

“Thanks to the Martin family for their lives, their faith, their daughters, their holiness and for the example of simplicity that each of them gives us.”

“A big thank you to Louis and Zélie Martin.  Their example as parents is one I shall try to follow and adapt to the present day.”

“O little sister, when I came in 1972 to ask for your help in making my parents see reason so they would agree for me to go to Paris to make a career in the postal service, you heard me.  Thank you.  When in 1976 you set us out on our married life with a retreat before our wedding, you showed us the way to follow.  We have had three daughters; the way has been a bit chaotic but a good one.  Thank you, little sister.  Now we have four grandchildren.  Pray for us to find happiness at the end of our lives.  May your parents Louis and Zélie help our children and grandchildren, and guide us in our role as grand-parents.  Louis and Zélie, guide us and walk with us.”

“Thank you, Therese, for the roses that you shower on me every day.  Life is hard but not insurmountable.  You have given me new strength to overcome unemployment and my wife’s diabetes which makes her depressed and unkind, and I pray again for my daughters to overcome their difficulties.  A big thank you!  Today, your house in Alençon has arisen from its ashes like a phoenix.”