The Family of Louis and Zélie

Following Saints Louis and Zélie, may God occupy the first place in our lives.

marchez sur les pas des époux Martin

What is “The Family of Louis and Zélie?”

  • It is the spiritual union of all of the friends of Louis and Zélie Martin: of all who recognize in them an example of Christian life.
  • It is to enter into the family of the Martin spouses by becoming their spiritual children. In that way, we respond to the desire of Saint Zélie: “I desire to have many children so that I could raise them for Heaven.” How did they educate their children for Heaven? They guided them to Jesus, to the Virgin Mary and to St. Joseph. That is why we consecrate ourselves every day to the Holy Family.


Mgr Habert
“The Family of Louis and Zélie” was founded in Alençon on March 25, 2017 with the blessing of Monsignor Jacques Habert :
“When Christians are canonized, they are given to us as an example and model. They are also given to us as intercessors. We know and we believe that Louis and Zélie pray for all families. By accepting to become their friends, you enter into this chain of prayer, into this fraternity with them. I encourage you in this journey. May the Lord bless the project of forming “the family of Louis and Zélie.”
Mgr Jacques Habert, Bishop of Séez

Who could belong to this Family?

All who desire and would like to enter into this spirituality: married couples, families, young people, engaged couples, single people, religious, priests, widows….each one of you.

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What does it entail to belong to the “Family of Louis and Zélie?”

    • I consecrate myself every day to the Holy Family with the prayer of “The Family of Louis and Zélie.”
    • Following the examples of Saints Louis and Zélie, I strive daily to give God the first place in my life.


  • Every 13th of the month, the wedding day of Louis and Zelie, the Shrine of Alençon will send me a letter with a spiritual meditation, a practical suggestion to do so as to best live this spirituality, and news related to the Shrine. In this way, Saints Louis and Zélie will help us to live, like them, our faith every day in justice and fraternal charity, which comes down to adopting “the little way” of the Gospel full of trust and love so radiantly illuminated by Saint Therese and remarkably practiced by Leonie, their daughters.
  • Saints Louis and Zélie, being the first married couple canonized together, in a particular way invite the members who are married couples to renew their marriage vows every year (You will find more information on our website).

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendour of true love; to you we turn with trust. Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel.”
Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia n°325

How to belong to it?

Simply register at the Shrine of Alençon (or via the registration form): a registry of members will be deposited inside the bedroom of Saints Louis and Zélie, where Saint Therese was born.

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Why belong to it?


  • The members of the “Family of Louis and Zelie” form a true spiritual family and they support each other through prayer. They take to heart the intentions of one another and they commit to pray for families.
  • Entering into this family helps us to have a closer and more concrete relationship with the Martin spouses.
  • The Shrine of Louis and Zélie of Alençon commits to pray daily and particularly for the members of “The Family of Louis and Zélie,” and their intentions, such as they are entrusted to the Shrine. As soon as we receive them, we will deposit them inside the bedroom of Saints Louis and Zélie.
  • Every week a Mass will be celebrated in the Shrine particularly for the members of the family.


Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family

Holy Family of Nazareth,
allow me to enter into your community of love;
that I may immerse myself in the peace which is yours;
that I may surrender myself to the Father’s loving Will in humility and faith.

Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph,
help me to put Jesus in the first place,
at the center of my life,
like Louis and Zélie did.

Give me your joy.
That under your patronage,
I may bear witness to charity,
that the reign of the love of Christ may be spread through me.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you.
I consecrate myself to you from now on and forever;
that under your protection, I may reach Heaven
with all of my own and those entrusted to me.


frise 2

I join “The Family of Louis and Zélie“

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