The family home

The House of Martin Family pays tribute to the life of this family from Alençon exemplary and exceptional destiny.

The home is the basis of the birth of a home and a family: the place where the family flourishes. Teresa and her sisters played, prayed, laughed and cried in that house. This is where Therese learned to bond with parents and carers

Zélie wrote to her sister in law in July 1871

“We are well housed. My husband was arranging the house quite well for me to like it. You will see the beautiful room we’ll give you when you come …» C F 68

We can organize the visit in six areas:

The house itself with the ground floor, kitchen, dining room, office. The staircase so important in the spirituality of Therese that leads to the first floor.

Upstairs: The girls’ room where the statue of the Virgin called “Smile” was the place of family prayer. Parent’s room, birthplace of St. Teresa room, open to the chapel.

The chapel with sculptures and frescoes depicting St. Teresa and the reliquary of the couple Louis and Zélie Martin and Therese.

The entrance area provides information about the family’s background and origins, the context of their life in Alençon, with pictures of places they frequented and people they knew, and a frieze depicting the principal events of their life in Alençon. From this area you can see the garden where the girls used to play.

The gallery offers a more intimate look at the family with various personal objects which belonged to the parents and their daughters: the wedding ring and medallion, the girls’ dolls, Louis Martin’s tools and fishing tackle, Zélie’s lace-making material, rosary and shawl…

In the auditorium, you will see a film based on extracts from Louis and Zélie’s letters which gives us an insight into the family’s daily and spiritual life, with its worries, its joys, its sorrows and its preoccupations. (20 minutes, with translation in several languages).

The shop provides books, magazines, post cards and devotional items for sale which will keep the memory of your visit to Alençon alive, and help you to get to know the blessed Martin family even better.

The little sisters of St Therese of Imola, and a team of volunteers will be on hand to welcome you.