The Chapel

The reliquary

On the right of the altar, when it is closed, it evokes the wedding of Louis and Zélie by the image of the rings. And when it is opened, it evokes their jobs: lace for Zélie and the workings of the watch for Louis. Therese, for her part, is evoked by a rose in the center.

The birthplace room

On the right side of the wall, you’ll see the room. The door symbolize the passage in another space. The symbol is very strong because the Christ defined himself as “the sheep door” and the Virgin is commonly called “sky door”.

On the frame, you can read: ”here, life and death met. The Martin Family has learned to love and surrender to Providence.” This sentence was written by Monseigneur Boulanger.

On the floor, three steps on which Louis and Zélie Martin leant on, invite us to lookup to heaven.

These words are inscribed in bronze:

God first served above all others

Love and trust

Justice and charity

The window, on the left of the altar, you see the cross of Christ. It is planted in the ground where which Louis and Zélie were born, the couple is symbolized by two roses. Each of the Martin children is represented by a lily (5 are open for the girls who reached adulthood, 4 are still in bud for the children who died young, one being slightly more open to represent Hélène who died when she was 5).

This symbolism was inspired by a design created by Therese to decorate a chasuble which was partly made out of one of Zélie’s dresses.