The steps on the path to canonization

1946 – The Bishop of Lisieux expresses its wish to examine the Causes of Saint Theresa’s parents, Louis and Zélie Martin.

1957 – On March 22, the trial for Louis Martin is opened. It will last 12 years since it was ended February 12, 1969.

Meanwhile the October 10, 1957 to January 21, 1959, the trial of Zélie Martin is instructed by the Diocese of Séez.

1971 – For the first time in the history of the Church, Pope Paul VI desired that the two causes of beatification are combined into one.

1994 – March 26, John Paul II declared the heroic virtues of Louis and Zélie Martin, from this day, declared Venerable.

2002 – June 29, healing through the intercession of the Martin couple, the small Italian Pietro Schilirò born in Milan on May 25 of that year.

2008 – July 3, recognition by the Pope, the miraculous healing of Pietro Schilirò.

2008 – October 19, Louis and Zélie proclaimed Blessed in Lisieux.

2008 – November 24, Carmen Pérez Pons healing (born October 15, 2008 in Valencia, Spain) through the intercession of Blessed Louis and Zélie

2015 – March 18, Pope Francis approves the miracle of the healing of the Spanish child, paving the way for the canonization.

2015 – On June 27, the Holy Father announced the canonization of the Martin spouses